VascoMed erweitert und modernisiert Fertigungsräume


Die Herstellung der Katheter erfordert nicht nur viel Handarbeit, Geduld und Fingerspitzengefühl, sondern auch konstante Umgebungsbedingungen, Temperatur und Luftfeuchte. Um diese zu gewährleisten modernisiert die VascoMed ihre Produktion am Standort Binzen.


VascoMed wins Jobmotor Award for its growth in 2013

On Friday, March 28, 2014 the Jobmotor Prizes for the year 2013 were awarded to the fastest growing companies of South Baden (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) in the historic Meckel Hall Freiburg/Breisgau.

We are delighted to announce that the first prize in the category "companies with 200+ employees" has been awarded to VascoMed GmbH. In 2013 VascoMed has provided 73 new jobs - a growth of 46%. As one of the fastest growing companies of South Baden VascoMed has won the Jobmotor award a second time after 2010.

The Jobmotor Prizes are awarded by a panel of judges made up of members of the Baden Newspaper, the WVIB (Association of Industrial Enterprises Baden), the Chamber of Crafts Freiburg and the Baden Chambers of Industry and Commerce to companies in three categories: "up to 19 employees", "20 to 199 employees" and "200+ employees".

"We are very pleased about this positive development. I want to use this opportunity to thank our customers for their continuing trust and close cooperation as well as our employees for their outstanding effort in achieving this immense growth.", underlined Dr. Wolfgang Geistert, VascoMed's Managing Director.

VascoMed with headquarters in Binzen, Germany celebrates its 25th anniversary in April 2014. Founded in 1989 the company has experienced a significant growth over the last years. In September 2013 the 200 employees mark has been hit. Today, already more than 230 employees originating from more than 20 nations work for VascoMed.


Prize for the winner: Sterling Motor